About Gregory G. Davis - LEFT EYE SHOOTER

I did 20+ years addicted to the technical sex appeal of Large Format Audio Consoles working for international professional audio design & manufacturing companies. I founded Audio Engineering Services LLC in 1998, extending technical support to my niche of pro audio customers.

Back in 2002; I was doing audio for high profile entertainment events with a mobile TV Production Truck & its crew of swaggering swashbucklers. As I had mastered the craft of professional audio for over three decades, I found digital video cameras to be new and interesting. The bug to produce arts oriented content for local community access TV bit me.

I bought a camera, and committed myself to learning the craft of shooting video - deciding to use ONLY my LEFT EYE because the science was obvious. If you train the Left Eye/Right Brain connection with optical imaging devices, the passion and creativity centers of the right brain will dominate your shooting style!

I have become a dedicated Left Eye Shooter for 10+ years running, and I Love it. I let my left brain manage all that pesky technical and scientific stuff. Stills Photography dominated my passion by 2005 as the most efficient way to tell stories, serving up my LEFT EYE SHOOTER creative vision with GGDavis.com

I respectfully request that you consider engaging my services at GGDavis.com with my Left Eye Shooter Photographic skills.

The next time you plan an event for which quality sound reinforcement with lights will make all the difference, consider Audio Engineering Services LLC,  parent company of GGDavis.com.
Please feel free to call (860)355-4122 or email for inquiries or engagements.